An Introduction to Custom Balanced Doors


Credits: 1 LU,1 HSW
Available Until: 7/2/2017
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This course is presented in HD by the president of Ellison and provides an introduction to a unique form of commercial entry door known as a balanced door. You will explore various components of a balanced door system, numerous advantages of a balanced door over conventional hinged or pivoted swing doors, how balanced doors meet ADA guidelines, and the specific design requirements needed to accommodate balanced doors.

Ellison Bronze

Ellison Bronze invented the balanced door in 1927, and continues to be recognized as the world leader in the design and production of balanced doors. Headquartered in Jamestown, New York, Ellison combines state of the art manufacturing technology with old world craftsmanship to produce the widest variety of custom balanced doors available today. Ellison manufactures bronze balanced doors, stainless steel balanced doors, all glass balanced doors with or without narrow stile metal trim, and aluminum balanced doors as well.


User Comments

“great system for entrances.” - Karl, 9/14/2016

“old school is the best school” - Karl, 9/14/2016

“door option often overlooked” - Karl, 9/14/2016

“Again good job guys!” - Miodrag, 6/10/2016

“very comprehensive and useful introduction” - george, 5/5/2016

“Very thorough and informative course.” - Jennifer, 4/16/2016

“great information” - tom, 4/5/2016

“Very well organized and detailed presentation” - Maria, 2/19/2016

“good for doors opened out to a narrow sidewalk” - bao, 1/23/2016

“good for commercial building design choices” - bao, 1/23/2016


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